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Digital Age

I’ve sat there, like most of us do, scrolling through tweets, watching YouTube vids and checking out latest posts on Instagram (I draw the line at Facebook) and it struck me.

This is truly the digital age.

Children are born basically knowing how to work their parents phones. 
Google has the answer for pretty much everything. And if it doesn’t, there’s always Wikipedia. 
You are afforded a level of intimacy most fans in times gone by would have sawn their right foot off for; the ability to share as much of a celebrities journey as they want to let you, whether they tweet, blog or post their life in pictures. 
It has revolutionised how we find out news. And watch films.

But it also affords us this secondary defence system, another ‘mask’ to wear… A different way to push out the social messages that aren’t so pretty.

The pack mentality of Twitter, when you say something that isn’t agreed with. 
The constant parade of beautiful people on Instagram (majority female) providing eye candy and heart break for every jealous partner on the planet. 
Facebook giving you the ability, should you bend that way, to stalk people.
YouTube – the video forum for anything and everything from racism parodies to how to jailbreak your phone.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not the platforms themselves at fault. Easy as it to ‘blame the machine’, human kind possesses this defect, this inane self-destruct capability that rears its ugly head so many times, I’m surprised we haven’t turned up on many a superheroes radar. Monitoring is constantly in place. It just can’t keep up with, well, US.

So what is the answer ?

Will we ever be capable of asking the question ?

Or will I one day wake up in a post apocalyptic world where our own equivalent of Skynet has taken it upon itself to save us from ourselves ?

Chantal ✗


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