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Friendship Fail

Does the platonic friendship exist or is it a ruse…

I have recently lost a good, male friend of mine due to that question rearing its ugly head. 
I’m sure psychologists have plenty to say on the subject. 
And that a lot of would-be friendships are thwarted from the inside by both or either party expecting more out of the friendship without ever vocalising this or being honest in the first instant. To compound this dilemma, maybe they didn’t even realise it themselves…

But I do believe that two emotionally healthy people can have a fulfilling and normal friendship – regardless of gender – as long as honesty is paramount.

It all boils down to trust. How much you trust yourself, how much you trust the other person, how much your partner trusts you (and your judgement) and what direction your moral compass is pointing …

Chantal ✗


One comment on “Friendship Fail

  1. I have had several female friends–just platonic. My wife knows them and it is fine. If I see a gal that is sexually attractive to me, I have nothing to do with her. Better men than me have failed that test.

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