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In Emergency Break Glass – First Aid for Damaged Confidence

A good message in a bottle to keep floating around there for times of need !

Blog of Stuart Allen FCMI

In a recent ‘tweet’ I stated:

When having a great experience that you want to keep, be sure to bottle it! Put a label on the bottle that reads “In Emergency Break Glass”

In previous blogs I have often talked about the importance of learning from your successes and not just your mistakes or when things go wrong. This latest ‘tweet’ is a variation on that theme and is about a technique I use myself.

For most people a fantastic experience in either business or life soon fades into distant memory. On the other hand memories of times of trauma in our lives (where we have felt intense negative emotions and ‘pain’) tend to fade much slower.

The technique is very simple in principle but does take time and concentration to perfect. Please invest the effort it will be worth it.

When you experience something that makes you feel really…

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