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From the moment I realised I was first pregnant, my life became inextricable from that of a tiny, unknown entity.
A being that automatically became my number one priority.
Putting it first, just as easy as breathing.


That moment when you allow your heart to permanently walk around outside of your body. (Three times and counting.)

There comes a time, though where you struggle. It’s like a crisis point. You try to reassert yourself as the priority – tugging at the invisible bond to get some breathing room.
Most mothers with a steady support network get over this, and are all the stronger for it.
Others are not so fortunate and descend into a miasma of reckless, chaotic behaviour.

In my experience, this happens to younger mothers; mothers trying to reclaim their own childhood because they were forced to grow up too quickly or are still children in mentality. Unbalanced relationships.

Peer pressure plays its part and the fact that modern society (dare I call it culture?) makes it increasingly easy to form casual sexual attachments that regularly end in single parenting.
A world where fellas can literally have their cake and eat it, then saunter away from the epicentre of the earthquake set to shake some woman’s life.
Not to say that it is all the men’s fault. But being a single female parent is not easy. It’s not the most stable form of parenting – in fact, it has got to be one of the toughest existences. These incredibly strong mothers that are born of it are strong because they have to be. And the majority are on the quest for a fulfilling relationship (which comes hand in hand with stability) for themselves and for their children.

The only time a mothers life should come before her child’s however, is before it is born.

On that note, the decision (yes, decision) to have a child shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Pro life ? Pro choice. A life of misery is no life at all, in my opinion. An unwanted child is an unhappy child and it will take those feelings and shape a life for itself fraught with a man-made emotional minefield.

Spare a thought for the morning after the night before. Or should drunken encounters rock your world in more ways than one?

Chantal ✗


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