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Spiritual Fraud

Purporting to belong to a particular ‘faith’, whilst having no idea what that entails or doing the complete opposite of so-called commandments is, frankly, disgusting.
It’s insulting to those that are devout in their own ways. It makes you the laughing stock of atheists and fuels science versus religion debates.

Better to live a life of no labels and live well; know oneself. Be comfortable with ‘I’.

A lot of the trouble comes from parents bringing their children up in a religion, taking the time to make sure that they’re (the parents) keeping an eye on things that would be utterly conspicuous to others in their absence; the presence of a crucifix, hijab, a visit to temple on specific holy days – but neglecting to sit down and actually teach on an intellectual level. It is not enough to know a few salient points. A commandment here. A parable there. This is not passing on the basics of research and allowing an individual to learn all that there is to learn so as to make an informed decision – funnily enough, also handy life skills.

Information. Investigation. Contemplation.

The answer to any religious ‘why’ should never be, ‘”because God said so”.

And once you reach adult maturity, the excuse of, “that’s how my parents taught me”, or palming your offspring off on priests, pastors or imams for an hour of ‘religion condensed’ once a week is no substitute. Children pay very close attention to what parents do and use them as role models – if you, as a parent, are flippant with your religion, what on planet earth are you expecting for and from your children?

“So, what do you believe in?”

Try to think carefully what your answer should be. Life is, after all, what you make it.

Chantal ✗


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