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Finding someone who you can communicate with on all levels, plus feel safe & secure enough to drop your every day ‘mask’ is a rare thing. 
Many settle, or have a game plan that allows for no true honesty in any case. 
If you’re interested in something honest, often the act of being honest is intimacy enough – it transcends gender, race or any of that, excuse my French, balls. Honesty has a way of making you vulnerable. And we, unfortunately, live in a culture and society where vulnerability isn’t reason to be protected but instead, often times leads to exploitation.

People can go their whole lives without finding someone they can be 100% honest with. But the people my heart goes out to are the ones that find it and lose it. The ones that don’t realise what they have. The ones that, for whatever reasons, can’t maintain such closeness with another human being. The incapable. 
So consumed we are with possessing things, we overlook the things that are free, the things that can’t be taken from us – no matter what – and the thing we all say we want but rarely can accept in all its forms. The truth is a beautiful, cold, lonely thing. And the honest are brave, desperate people who walk alone.

Chantal ✗


One comment on “Truth

  1. That can be a goal one aspires to, however, you have to be careful when dropping masks. Best to give more thought.

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