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Words Have Power

Isn’t the human voice such a powerful tool ?

Enchanting, captivating, seductive… Intimidating. Admonishing. Whatever. 
We set our own tone. And it lends a lot to not just what we say, but how we say it. And how we are perceived.

You can soften a blow or guarantee maximum impact. Manipulate or motivate. And it’s truly an amazing thing being somewhere in public and just casually eavesdropping on how people speak to one another.

As a species, we’re atrocious ! Ulterior motives dripping from every other word, single-minded in our exhausting quest to prioritise only ourselves. 
Stopping and thinking before speaking seem to be throwbacks to an era we see in the rearview mirror instead of in the present or at least on the horizon. Listening before speaking is another rarity. So obsessed with the all-encompassing ‘I’ that we trip over our own verbal diarrhoea just to be heard. So eager that we cut off others mid-sentence, not because we know them so well and want to finish their train of thought like freaky twins but because they’ve had their turn and now it’s ME ME ME.

We don’t speak out often in defence for those who cannot. The Oppressed. The Poor. We may not be able to give all our worldly goods away to save a child or build a well but the Voice which we all have and costs us nothing to use is seldom employed to speak up in unison for the things that we take for granted and that are denied to far too many.

This is a rare occasion when saying is synonymous with doing.

What will you do ?

Chantal ✗


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