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It’s never too late to Love Yourself. 

Have you ever met someone who is beautiful both inside and out? There’s a light shining out of their proverbial backside and yet they’re the only ones completely unaware of its existence. A  fine line, it seems, between humility and low self esteem. 

A lot of people I’ve met in my travels have this ‘Achilles heel’, sometimes buried deep under layers of affected confidence. Convinced they’re unattractive, lack humour, skill or are just generally unworthy.

The more I learn, the more I feel like our psychological make up is not unlike onion skin. Layer upon layer upon layer with each being so closely connected that using the wrong stimulus, you will cut through to the core with an ease that can be paralysing. A dangerous thing indeed to be without protection at all! 

When a sense of self worth is crushed in childhood, it can send ripples of repercussion far into your future, invading relationships and interactions with others like a cancer. It isn’t restricted to these formative years; the wrong teachers, managers, partners and sometimes our own internal dialogue can be a diabolical nemesis that you don’t have to go too far to encounter but can never seem to escape. 

Self esteem and self worth go hand in hand and I find that it’s something that can definitely be increased – or built on – with A.       either the right environments (people?) or pressures. To be or not to be..

On this basis do we pick friends or partners for ourselves. People that compliment our attributes or are able to add something that we ourselves lack. The ying to the yang. 


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