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Why do we dream?

Why do we dream?

Our moment should be when we are in full command of our consciousness so that the metaphorical bubble cannot burst when we are not yet ready to inhale the harsh air that is reality.

Surreal …

In our dreams we can be anything. Face any fears. Or be unwitting bystanders to self destruction that we are not willing to acknowledge and think into existence in the waking hours.

Dreams aren't all bliss… the things we relegate into 'mind boxes' come alive while we slumber.
The forbidden.
Thoughts race and merge with the tangible… if only we could stretch forth a hand and grasp… there is no concept of time, and rational thought does not have to be the 'norm'.
Fire does not hold the power to burn.

Will we all of us burn?

What of those dreams that are so poignant that we wake as if our heart has just started for the first time? Upright. Tight. Breathing hard.
Eyes wild because the mind has not yet caught up with the body but is still so far, far away. The physical effects fade.

And yet the memory remains.

Write it down quickly for its thrall is fleeting and the glamour will soon lift as the black and white, shape-shifting light of day asserts itself.

Even the darkness has its colours.


Chantal ✗


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