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The Ocean

"I feel ambivalent. Quasi-happy. Like I'm coasting through the deceptively calm ocean, waiting for the next storm. Not entirely afraid, although maybe I should be. Anxious. Anticipating something exciting, but darker than the waters I am used to.

I am the storm. I could bring the wind, the rain. Whip everything into a frenzy and see what remains when everything settles.
Waves rolling sometimes in tandem, other times in opposition. Mirroring my emotions.
Whether calm waters or roiling fury, how do they know which path to travel? Can't my mind, body and soul find that state of synchronicity?

So many directions to travel. So vast the distances between. I haven't found peace. Just pieces of it. Shards. They call them clouds. I cut myself with my happiness and watch it flow down from me, back home, to my ocean. Cyclical serendipity.

Before I get lost in the enormity of it all, I remind myself that from a single drop, many an ocean was born."

Chantal ✗


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