It’s never too late to Love Yourself. 

Have you ever met someone who is beautiful both inside and out? There’s a light shining out of their proverbial backside and yet they’re the only ones completely unaware of its existence. A  fine line, it seems, between humility and low self esteem.  A lot of people I’ve met in my travels have this ‘Achilles […]

The Good Parent. 

Plenty of us are parents.  Married parents, single parents, divorced parents, young parents, late in life parents, widowed parents, accidental parents, blended family parents with stepchildren, step-parents, step cats and step dogs. In my book, there are only good parents and there are bad ones.  It’s just that black and white.  Good parents are not […]

Writers Block

Writers Block

So, it’s kind of in the title. I have always loved to write. Fiction, non-fiction, songs and poems. I was one of those girls who kept a diary. Then I turned into an adult. Now writing is something I have to consciously make time for. And the fact of the matter is, I don’t do […]

A life without pain

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The last two weeks have been terrible. My right ear began to hurt. Then the right side of my jaw. And painkillers wouldn’t do much good. I struggled. Pain followed me everywhere, prevented me from sleeping, prevented me from properly hearing my own thoughts. I went to see a doctor.…

Know Yourself

It’s so easy to get lost in other people. Relationships, be they platonic or that other thing, can completely swamp your personality. We are all taught that we will need to bend a little, compromise and accept the other person for who they were when we met them and who they become when they’re with […]

Hidden Rainbows

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Hidden Rainbows Sweet prose hidden inside her pretty frame the words in her heart a flowing spring could form a mist of pretty rainbows too shy is she her words to speak so inside, them, she continues to keep whispers that could fragment light into wonderful colors and arcs of…

(Unnamed 3) (May 2008)

Tiptoeing on shadows, am I Fleeting contact that flees from the light Yet its born of the light And a child of the night Beast of both, burden I loathe Soldiering on feelings, am I Unbidden gems that rely on sight Yet they don’t use my sight Can’t be suppressed by might Child of rage, […]