The Ocean

"I feel ambivalent. Quasi-happy. Like I'm coasting through the deceptively calm ocean, waiting for the next storm. Not entirely afraid, although maybe I should be. Anxious. Anticipating something exciting, but darker than the waters I am used to. I am the storm. I could bring the wind, the rain. Whip everything into a frenzy and […]

A life without pain

Originally posted on Cristian Mihai:
The last two weeks have been terrible. My right ear began to hurt. Then the right side of my jaw. And painkillers wouldn’t do much good. I struggled. Pain followed me everywhere, prevented me from sleeping, prevented me from properly hearing my own thoughts. I went to see a doctor.…

Hidden Rainbows

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Hidden Rainbows Sweet prose hidden inside her pretty frame the words in her heart a flowing spring could form a mist of pretty rainbows too shy is she her words to speak so inside, them, she continues to keep whispers that could fragment light into wonderful colors and arcs of…

More than a dream

Originally posted on Cristian Mihai:
I often say that people should set short time achievable goals and crazy long term dreams. The thing is, we live in a world of small steps. Even though we don’t like to admit it, even though we often choose to search for a shortcut, progress is an extremely slow…

In Emergency Break Glass – First Aid for Damaged Confidence

In Emergency Break Glass – First Aid for Damaged Confidence

Originally posted on Blog of Stuart Allen FCMI:
In a recent ‘tweet’ I stated: When having a great experience that you want to keep, be sure to bottle it! Put a label on the bottle that reads “In Emergency Break Glass” In previous blogs I have often talked about the importance of learning from your…

Spiritual Fraud

Purporting to belong to a particular ‘faith’, whilst having no idea what that entails or doing the complete opposite of so-called commandments is, frankly, disgusting. It’s insulting to those that are devout in their own ways. It makes you the laughing stock of atheists and fuels science versus religion debates. Better to live a life […]


From the moment I realised I was first pregnant, my life became inextricable from that of a tiny, unknown entity. A being that automatically became my number one priority. Putting it first, just as easy as breathing. Motherhood.  That moment when you allow your heart to permanently walk around outside of your body. (Three times […]