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Love is…

Only in loving yourself can you take the surplus and radiate it outwards. Even a little loves goes a long way. And it starts with you. It is a continual journey, it is life itself. Joy shared is doubled. Burdens shared, halved. Ego is a double edged sword – it does, to my mind, all […]

Stubborn Hearts

Tenacity in and of itself is considered a worthwhile quality. Alongside perseverance and persistence. When 90% is telling you that it’s impossible but the remaining 10% is your own doubts, smothered in an inexorable super power – that which we call hope. What sets all of that apart for me, is whether or not you […]

Why do we dream?

Why do we dream? Our moment should be when we are in full command of our consciousness so that the metaphorical bubble cannot burst when we are not yet ready to inhale the harsh air that is reality. Surreal … In our dreams we can be anything. Face any fears. Or be unwitting bystanders to […]

Spiritual Fraud

Purporting to belong to a particular ‘faith’, whilst having no idea what that entails or doing the complete opposite of so-called commandments is, frankly, disgusting. It’s insulting to those that are devout in their own ways. It makes you the laughing stock of atheists and fuels science versus religion debates. Better to live a life […]


From the moment I realised I was first pregnant, my life became inextricable from that of a tiny, unknown entity. A being that automatically became my number one priority. Putting it first, just as easy as breathing. Motherhood.  That moment when you allow your heart to permanently walk around outside of your body. (Three times […]