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Love is…

Only in loving yourself can you take the surplus and radiate it outwards. Even a little loves goes a long way. And it starts with you. It is a continual journey, it is life itself. Joy shared is doubled. Burdens shared, halved. Ego is a double edged sword – it does, to my mind, all […]

Why do we dream?

Why do we dream? Our moment should be when we are in full command of our consciousness so that the metaphorical bubble cannot burst when we are not yet ready to inhale the harsh air that is reality. Surreal … In our dreams we can be anything. Face any fears. Or be unwitting bystanders to […]

Metaphorically Speaking (March 2008)

Oblique in reference They have no name Matters of the obscura Part fauna, part flora Never something tame Chasms of experience They feel no shame Sensing all and absorbing Cataloguing, resourcing Remaining the same What I refer to is thought Wonderful, unchained, unbound Limitless, all around Bringing life to what we’ve sought Like breathing into […]