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The Good Parent. 

Plenty of us are parents.  Married parents, single parents, divorced parents, young parents, late in life parents, widowed parents, accidental parents, blended family parents with stepchildren, step-parents, step cats and step dogs. In my book, there are only good parents and there are bad ones.  It’s just that black and white.  Good parents are not […]

Spiritual Fraud

Purporting to belong to a particular ‘faith’, whilst having no idea what that entails or doing the complete opposite of so-called commandments is, frankly, disgusting. It’s insulting to those that are devout in their own ways. It makes you the laughing stock of atheists and fuels science versus religion debates. Better to live a life […]

The Peter Pan Formula

Decided to write this, my first blog, about children’s birthdays – namely because today marks the day that one of mine made their way into this world of ours and changed my life completely. Zero Three, Twelve, Twenty-Thirteen. I started thinking of my daughter turning two today and how different this birthday would be to […]