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Why do we dream?

Why do we dream? Our moment should be when we are in full command of our consciousness so that the metaphorical bubble cannot burst when we are not yet ready to inhale the harsh air that is reality. Surreal … In our dreams we can be anything. Face any fears. Or be unwitting bystanders to […]

Writers Block

Writers Block

So, it’s kind of in the title. I have always loved to write. Fiction, non-fiction, songs and poems. I was one of those girls who kept a diary. Then I turned into an adult. Now writing is something I have to consciously make time for. And the fact of the matter is, I don’t do […]

(unnamed) (March 2008)

Lying naked, pen in hand Watching the ink spill into me Semi kind of something Singing words to me I struggle noiselessly Watching the words take shape Unnatural? We’re scared The songwriters jape Don’t look at me No more lines to read between Spiritual caligraphy He speaks, my phantom muse I write on wordlessly Don’t […]